The bits ‘n’ pieces you need to know

  • Babies always come first!

Whether an infant needs feeding, changing or is quite unsettled and crying please know that their needs will always come first so whilst in class we want all parents to feel free to do whatever you need to do to ensure baby is happy.  You are more than welcome to breastfeed or bottlefeed throughout class, change nappies or shush and soothe baby, as required.

  • What do I need to bring?

Please bring a towel or a blanket for the baby which smells of home.  We want to strengthen the attachment bond so familiarity to a small baby always makes them feel more secure.  Happy Hatchlings will provide changing mats for each individual baby so they will be nice and comfy.  Please note all changing mats are thoroughly cleaned before each session with disinfectant to ensure no germs can be passed between infants.  Parents will have cushions to sit on and these will also have been freshly laundered between classes.

Also bring other items you normally would when taking the baby out (eg. nappies/wipes/bottle if needed etc.)

  • Which oil will we be using for infant massage?

Happy Hatchlings only uses 100% cold pressed organic sunflower oil and a 50 ml bottle of this will be provided at your first class that you will need to bring along each week of your course.

  • When can my baby begin classes for massage and yoga?

Newborn babies that are full term and are in good health can begin infant massage classes as soon as the caregiver wishes to…you tend to find most parents will wait until the baby has had their GP check, but that is not necessary.  As for mummies you may wish to have your 6-week post-natal check too as we will be on the floor for the majority of class for massage and baby yoga will involve a little bit more up and down.  Please ensure you wear comfortable clothes for both types of class.

With regards baby yoga we offer both beginners baby yoga (for 8 weeks to approximately 20 weeks) and advanced baby yoga (from approximately 20 weeks plus).

  • What happens if baby falls asleep during class or is fast asleep when we arrive to class?

We don’t massage a sleeping baby (unlike perhaps an adult massage where many people tend to drift off half way through) as this practice is about 2-way communication between caregiver and infant, but you are welcome to watch the class whilst baby sleeps, or use the spare demonstration doll.  At the end of each class you will get a handout of the new body part we have learnt to massage so you can practice at home and at the next class we will always revise what we have learnt previously.

Likewise with baby yoga we require baby to be awake and alert to engage with the parent for all the stretches and movements we use so mum or dad can either use the spare demo doll or just relax and observe while the infant sleeps.

  • Should we come if the baby is ill or had immunisations?

If the baby has a suspected viral infection causing vomiting and/or diarrhoea we would ask that you don’t attend class to avoid other infants contracting it, or any form of infectious disease such as chicken pox.  Similarly if the parent has these symptoms please don’t come to class.  If it is a common cold you may come along to class but you may find that the baby is disinterested.

We would suggest that you give the baby 48 hours after immunisations before performing massage or yoga again.

With regards to Covid19 if you or a member of your household or somebody you have been in contact with begin to show symptoms of this virus or test positive in between classes you should not come to your next class and inform your facilitator immediately so they can contact Public Health and the appropriate action can be taken.

  • Why is baby yoga recommended to follow an infant massage course?

Baby yoga is broken down in to 2 different age appropriate sets of movements for baby to further develop as they become move active.  It helps to improve postures and offers physical stimulation, allowing babies to strengthen their spine and develop supple healthy joints.  Our classes begin with some dry massage which will warm up and relax the muscles and is followed with some gentle stretches and soft flowing movements, poses and breathing exercises and finishes off with joint relaxation.  This is a baby yoga class, not a mummy-baby yoga class where mummy does all the moves and baby lies on a mat....


Touch is vital to a baby, and as important as food and sleep.

We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.

Virginia Satir

Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world, increasing their self-awareness and strengthening their bodies.

Shatka Khalsa

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