About Us

Happy Hatchlings was born after my gorgeous baby boy, Mark, and I had the pleasure of completing  these courses ourselves at the beginning of 2017.

Having waited almost 39 years to become a mum for the first time I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of love and worry that occurred almost instantly upon giving birth!  Prior to Mark's arrival a friend had recommended baby massage classes as a means to boosting my parental confidence whilst giving my baby a long list of undisputed benefits.

Thus baby massage was the first set of classes we tried (and, believe me, we tried them all over that first year!) and I firmly believe it cemented our special, unique bond.  Following our massage classes we enrolled in a group class that taught gentle baby stretching and yoga-style baby movements....we loved it too.

As a result of being so inspired by these ancient traditions I decided to change career completely and embarked upon my training with Hands on Babies, an organisation who are fully accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, amongst others.

So why not come join us to learn some amazing lifelong skills that benefit both of you?!

We offer group sessions (limited to 10 adults and babies per class) and one-to-one classes that can be held in the comfort of your own home to both mums and dads.


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The Benefits of Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

There are numerous benefits associated with both baby massage and yoga for both infant and caregiver and whilst it has been practiced for hundreds of years in many cultures around the world such as Africa, Asia and India it has only been given substantial recognition from paediatricians in more westernised, developed countries over the last few decades.

From detailed research they have found the following:

  • attachment - it helps baby feel secure,  protected and loved and assists the parent in connecting with this new addition to the family
  • happiness - the  massage strokes and yoga poses promote relaxation and  subsequently reduce stress whilst  increasing oxytocin levels  for both
  • development - physically by stimulating muscles and joints, improving breathing & blood circulation, strengthening their bodies and helping with balance, co-ordination and motor skills and mentally as the brain is engaging in a new activity
  • boosts communication - as a parent you will be able to read your baby's signals better therefore building your parental confidence thus  reiterating to baby that you care by satisfying their needs
  • to soothe common baby aches and pains - massage techniques and  gentle yoga movements performed to baby's tummy can help their digestive system to relieve the effects of colic, wind and constipation, yoga practice can alleviate muscular tension and certain massage strokes to the cheeks and gums can help with teething discomfort
  • sleep promotion - due to the relaxed state of mind and body that both  massage and yoga produces it could help restless babies create better  sleep patterns which in turn should give parents more potential rest

This list is by no means exhausted but highlights some of the main benefits.